Saturday, October 06, 2001

Actually, the two bucks thing was Lamontagnes chocolate... it has creamy caramal inside!!!!

I finally got my blog today! Thanks to Donna and my sis! Today I slept in, and after I woke up and I got in trouble by Anne because I wanted to walk out and buy a persnal pizza, but Anne spazzed at me. After I decided to eat gong zai mein... trust me it was good... cuz I made it myself! :) and then, I checked my email, and that was my day.. boring huh? I'll tell you what I did tomorrow soon! People, if you want to buy Lamontange (however u spell it) tell me becuase I have PLENTY TO SELL! 2 bucks each, 2 bucks each! Email me at, and remember I don't deliver them, u hafta come get it yourself!!!